Cal Geo Tech Tour – Skanska Civil USA

Next Friday, April 12th, Cal Geo will be hosting an awesome tech tour with the big time general contractor Skanska USA Civil. Skanska will be allowing full access to some of their large heavy civil transportation job sites. They will be taking us through thier I-215 and Colton Crossing jobs during construction. The I-215 job includes several new concrete bridges, freeway widening, and several large retaining walls. The Colton Crossing is a unique grade seperation job between BNSF and UPRR tracks that includes a large MSE wall system, backfilled with cellcrete, and a steel girder bridge. Don’t miss this great oppurtunity to see real life projects and the engineering that goes on behind them. This is also a great networking oppurtunity. One of our current officers landed an intership with Skanska by networking at last year’s tech tour.

Carpools will be leaving from Cal Poly Police station at 8am sharp and will be arriving at Skanka’s Riverside office by 9am. The tour will run until 1pm and carpools should arrive back at Cal Poly by 2pm. All safety equipment will be provided by Skanska. However you must wear boots (work boots or hiking boots) and pants. If interested, please email Nathan Tourtellote at to reserve your spot. There is a limit of 12 and it will be first come first serve, so hurry up!

Hope to see you guys there!!

Cal Geo Meeting 4/7/13

Come to Cal Geo’s meeting this Thursday, March 6th, in Room 17-1635, during U-Hour, to see Josh Hilton and Derek Deutscher from Condon-Johnson & Associates give a presentation about working at their company.  Condon-Johnson is a contracting and engineering company with expertise in drilled shafts, shoring, soil nailing, sheet piling, jet grouting, and installing stone columns.  Enjoy Mr. Hilton’s and Mr. Deutscher’s great presentation along with some delicious L&L Hawaiian BBQ.  Hope to see you there!

GeoWall Wins First Place at Nationals

Congratulations to the GeoWall team who placed 1st at the ASCE Geo-Institute 2013 National GeoChallenge down in San Diego this Monday, March 4th!  This has been the second straight year that Cal Poly Pomona’s GeoWall team has taken home the prestigious Atterberg Cup trophy at Nationals, and they hope to keep the tradition alive in upcoming years.  Please come out to root the team on as they compete again at PSWC 2013 at USC, where they hope to hold their top standing.  Way to go GeoWall team!

Photo Mar 05, 4 07 18 PM

Cal Poly Pomona Recreation Center Tech Tour

This Friday, March 1st, CalGeo will be having a great tech tour at the Recreation Center that is currently being built on campus.  Geocon West will be hosting the tour as the contractor will be installing drilled shaft piles.  Don’t miss this great local opportunity to see some great geotechnical engineering in practice at 10:00 a.m. near the tennis courts.  If interested, contact Nathan at  See you guys there!

First Place – MSE Wall Design

We’d like to congratulate Cal Poly Pomona’s team for their astounding performance during the national competition for the MSE Wall Design.  This is a great accomplishment to be added to the multiple successes the civil engineering students at Cal Poly Pomona have had throughout the years.   Thanks again to those who devoted countless hours to this project!

Skanska Site Visit

As announced at our meeting, there will be a tech tour this Friday which will run from about 9am to 2pm.  We will be meeting at Skanska’s Riverside office at 9am for a safety meeting, then we will go to the site from there in Skanska trucks (you cannot take your own vehicle to the site).  On site we will see CIDH Piles being built, Stone Columns, and various temporary retaining structures.  
Please send an email to if you’d like to participate.  Be sure to let me know if you need a ride so we can sort that sort of thing out.  Space is limited, so reply quickly for a spot!
-Brian Diaz